About Us…

We’re experts in the field of fun and promotional entertainment, experiential marketing, with literally a bank vault of products and ideas at your disposal. We travel the world each year to search out the very best and also get the jump on up coming trends, helping to ensure Funworks stays at the forefront of fun and promotional entertainment in New Zealand.

We’re also pretty clever and coming up with our own ideas too. Ideas that are fresh, but not fruity and clever, not cliche! We have created some of the zaniest fun concepts the world has seen, such as the Human Barfly, Sumo Wrestling and Loo Racing. But our ideas don’t just stop there, we develop ideas that deliver for our clients!

This knowledge bank and innovation is invaluable if you’re looking for a way to launch a product, position a brand or connect with your customers, in a unique and fun way, whether it’s a fully themed interactive inflatable, a novel promotional item or a road show, we can surely help!

So if you’d like to add a lot more fun to just about anything you’re thinking of doing, give us a call. If it means we have to search the globe to make the difference in your business then that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll tailor make an event for you that will knock the socks off your clients, team…or maybe even your competitors!!

We’re the first step to a lot more fun!